EZDown Reloaded - Isuzu D-MAX

EZDown Reloaded - Isuzu D-MAX

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The Safest and Easiest Way to Lower AND Lift your tailgate!

Come as a full kit with the EZDown Hydraulic Tailgate Damper for Lowering, as well as our EZDown Reloaded Torsion Pods to ease the effort of lifting those Heavy tailgates!

The EZDown - an innovation so simple and yet so practical, it's just a matter of time before it tops the list of "essential items" of pick-up truck owners. Named the EZDown, it's a tailgate damper that equips tailgates with soft-release, single entry opening and hands-free lowering.

By using quick disconnect dampers to absorb the speed of tailgate descent, the EZDown is not so much a nice-to-have as much as a must-have - especially when you consider what it can add in terms of safety and convenience. With the Ezdown reloaded the tailgate becomes a-lot lighter and easier to close.


Now, there's no chance of the tailgate crashing down on your child's head like a ton of bricks when opening your tailgate.The tailgate will now come down nice and slowly.


Features and Benefits

  • Family Safety  
  • Convenience  
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Hands free lowering
  • Eliminates damage to vehicle  
  • Cost effective